It’s not over till…


So in my final days at my job, it was never sad.  They asked me to do my last special event on my last day.  They asked me to do a yoga class.  It was really nice.  We went over to a Tae Kwan Do place, and we had class there and then they did a demonstration for us.  It was a really fun last day.  They already want me to sub on Sunday.  Which means 7 straight days of work, since my first day at the school is Saturday.

Stephen took me out to dinner for a fabulous hotpot, which is definitely the signature food of China.  It was very nice. fancy place for lunch specializing in different kinds of mushrooms.  The baskets were so beautiful that is it was a pity to eat their art.  And the staff helped us over and over to do things properly.

I’ve wanted to write about a specific class that I teach sometimes.  The lesson is about, if you lived on a desert island and what 8 things would you bring with you.  So I try to assess their experience level, and I ask them 3 questions.  What is the longest they have ever been alone.  99% of them say “never.”  Then I ask, “what is the longest you have been without electricity?”  Almost always the answer is also, “never.”  And the last question is if they have ever been on a tropical island.  A few might say “yes” to this.

I find this interesting because, as I have often talked about the lack of life skills, these are part of that.  What would they do without their phones?  What would they do if they were alone for an hour, a day, a week?  It’s out of the realm of experience.  I think of the weeks I would spend camping by myself, or my time in Peace Corps, alone, no electricity, peaceful.  They have never experienced that.

I still don’t have all of my documents ready!  It’s crazy!  I went to get my criminal check again, and they said I needed copies of all of my contracts since I’ve been working here.  I have no idea where they are.  I was sent home empty handed again.  My (now old) HR will give them to me tomorrow.

I was also told I need a physical even though I was told two months ago that I wouldn’t.  And I need several documents, 6 pictures, and a lot of money (which will be refunded).  Ok, so I print out the stuff I needed, head on the subway and my current HR texts me that it’s not until Wednesday.  So I turned around.  I met two new teachers at my school also getting off the train.  They are from Chicago and it’s their first week here.

Since we don’t have a housekeeper, we’ve been trying to keep up on things on our own.  I do like making more dinners, and I’m happy that the laundry is done right, but man, is it never-ending!

I know there are a million other things going on in America right now.    And I want to talk about them, and I don’t want to talk about them.  But for now, we’ll leave it at this.


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