Feeling the love and the heat!

Shanghai has been breaking records in heat this summer.  I take a picture of the temperature everyday because I can’t believe it.  Two days ago, the girls and I looked on the internet for hotter places…Cairo, Phoenix, Thailand, but no, we win, every time.  And it’s no cooler at night.

It was a bit of a problem when our A/C broke and the landlord didn’t fix it for three days.  I asked my nanny to go out and buy a fan, but I apparently wasn’t detailed enough, because she bought a Chinese paper fan.  You can’t open the windows because it’s like having an open oven.

It’s been so hot, that we don’t leave the apartment unless it’s necessary.  For three weeks, the girls and I have not had Sunday dinner out.  We haven’t walked to the grocery store.  In fact, we canceled our swimming date with our friends because I didn’t want to walk 1 km to the subway.

And then there’s the love…On Thursday, headquarters sent someone down to talk to me.  No one told me this was going to happen.  He took me into a class room and asked why I was leaving.  He asked me a lot of things, and tried to talk me out of it.  “You know children will be naughty.  It will be more work.”  I explained that I know that, but as a mother my decisions should always put my children first.  He couldn’t disagree with that.  And he offered to help me in any way he can even after I leave.  And he said they were going to miss me and were sad to see me go.  My supervisor expressed the same thing several times this week, when she rarely had a good thing to say before.

Part of the reason could be that another coworker, James, went home on a moment’s notice because his Grandfather was sick or something.  He didn’t pack or anything and he said he was coming back.  But this week, he told our supervisor that he’s not.  That leaves my center short two teachers, and there aren’t a lot of applicants.

The reason for this could be all the damn requirements!  I did get my diploma authenticated.  And it wasn’t as impossible or expensive as it was said to be.  I went to an office, brought some documents.  Paid one fourth of what I was told, and BAM, 15 minutes later, I’m out the door.  The criminal check should also be as easy.  I went on some shanghai expat websites, asked a few questions, and found out the real processes.  HRs don’t know anything.

People talk about immigration vetting and they have no idea.  I’m not even an immigrant.  I don’t want to be.  I’m a temporary resident and the requirements are amazing –even four years later.



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