48 years

Forty-eight years exploring this Earth and some of the many things it has to offer.  My favorite gifts are people.  I’ve had some great celebrations with some great people these past few days.  My friend Connie is leaving China.  We went out to Taco Bell, had a lovely lunch, and got presents!  Connie gave me her old iPad, so I gave Raine mine.  Now we all have one.  We also got, journals, bookmarks, shoes, a necklace, an candle, and cards.

Then yesterday, we went to Clarks’ house and had a lovely dinner and lemon cake.  It was a lot of running around, and a very hot—hundred-degree day.  Poor Jodie’s A/C was broken to make it worse.  She had baked chicken, potatoes au gratin, peas, green beans, and lemon cake.


Now, on the job front, I officially resigned last week, and the wheels are in motion.  I have the easy things done.  The HR at my job is working with the HR of the new school, so that is the biggest hurdle.  I have two big things to get done in 30 days, and then it should be ok.  Everyone has been wonderful through the process.

I learned something very interesting.  I was talking to Stephen and he sees everything long-term.  I realized, that I don’t.  he said that it’s a few months of trouble, but in the long run, it’s worth all of it.  I realized that I don’t make long-term decisions.  I don’t think about things that way.  I also realized that maybe this is why we marry.  We need that other perspective.  This whole time, I’ve had to make every decision for my family, doing the best I can to get through today, and never even thinking past tomorrow.  This boggled my mind.  I have never thought that way.

Now, my new supervisor is from South Africa.  She had to go back last Sunday and she had a baby rescue kitten she was desperate to find a home for before she left.  Even if it was temporary for the month, so I said I would help her out.  So, we now have more kittens than people in this house.  I swear, this is the final line.  No more after this, but oh my goodness, she is cute!


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