As the World Turns…

Volume three of the interview saga… I had the meeting with the owner, and he was uncharacteristically (for Chinese) direct and, I felt, discriminatory.  “How are you going to have energy after work to deal with your children?”  He asked.  I asked him if he had no teachers who were parents.  He said yes, but they are married and the kids go to school.

“I can only play with the cards I am dealt.”  I told him.  “And Obama was home-schooled by his single mother in Indonesia.”  I had nothing to lose, and I just stood up to him.  Everything he threw at me, I threw right back.  I actually said, my own father doesn’t worry about me like this, why do you?  I’m pretty sure he’s younger than me too.  I didn’t leave with a very good feeling.

I got home in less than 5 minutes and I already had 3 texts waiting for me.  He wanted me.  He said he liked how tough I was.  Lauren in her South African accent said, “Good on you!”  The only thing that bothered me is that he wouldn’t budge on tuition.  He said 50% for each child, which is $20,000 and completely ridiculous as you can imagine.  It’s also ironic since it would eschew his fears about me having to go home in an emergency, or having to plan their home-schooling, or the fact that he thought it was sad that they don’t speak Chinese yet.  However, all the teachers have said that once you are in, and he likes you, he is very generous.  They get great raises and promotions, and they are sure (though they can’t guarantee) that next semester he will give me 25% tuition, which is doable, as it’s a little less than what I pay my nanny.  I would LOVE to not need a nanny.

Long story short, I’m taking it.  I’m signing the contract tomorrow.  No one is happier than the girls.  Even if they have to wait a semester, they can’t wait to go to this school.  I’m going to throw in two links, so you can see it too.

This will start on August 26th, so I still have all summer, at my current job, with my current schedule, which means a good schedule for having fun.  My friend had a great idea that I can still sub at my current English Learning Center, on my summers off for extra money.  I’m excited and nervous.

Today was unseasonably cold and rainy.  Didn’t go out, didn’t do anything.  Tomorrow, our friends, the Clarks, are coming to visit.  We haven’t seen them for well over a month, that they spent in New Zealand.  We’re going to go to a new ball pit and maybe paint some rocks and hide them.  Then in the evening Raine is getting a new rescue kitten.  She has already named her Luna Lovegood.  She’s a two-month old, tortoise, with a broken tail.  She has a thing for problem animals.

This is my big girl wearing one of my university student’s clothes, and my baby girl with a stuffed panda she got at Yuyuan Gardens.  We finally went there, but it was on a holiday and I think everyone in Shanghai was there too!  Never, ever again.


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