the good, the bad, and the crushing…

So much to say, where to start?  I left off the last blog about the interview, so I will continue there.  I had a meeting on Saturday with another head of the middle school, Lauren.  She met me, and we ended up talking for 2 straight hours!

First she told me some crazy ego-boosting things.  As I have said before, the first interview was with the elementary school, the second was with the high school, and all levels sat in on my demo class.  The head of the middle school went to Lauren after and said, “We need her!”  Lauren said, “Ok, but what’s wrong with her?”  Because she said this guy is critical of every little thing.  He told her, “Nothing.”  She has never heard that since she worked there.  She traded three resumes with the high school to get mine.  Ok, that’s the good news.

I did the numbers and though the pay is higher, it actually almost equals the same amount that I make now, since you don’t get paid for the summer.  It’s still a little higher, however if my girls went there, I wouldn’t need a nanny, and, our breakfast, lunch and dinner are free.  So, costs go down.  However, I can’t walk there, so there will be some type of transportation, but public transportation is cheap –cheaper than lunch.

Now, the real problem is that, though the owner doesn’t involve himself in things roughly 99% of the time, he decided to stick his nose in this.  According to Lauren, he is discriminating against me because I am a single mother and he seems to think I will leave every 5 minutes for an emergency.  I have only had to leave work once ever for an emergency, and it was on a break.  Also, he said I would have to pay 50% tuition for both girls.  That $20,000 a year, so ummm, yeah, that’s not happening.

The only reason I would change jobs, is because this is a really awesome school and I agree with their style and standards and I think my girls would love it.  Also, it would be great to go to the same place together every day.  This school has field trips to Disneyland.  They are not crazy about tests, homework and all of that.  They are creative, and like projects.  And we would have three months off together.

Normally everyone would say, you would probably like to finally have a “real” schedule, but actually, I like my schedule, and that would be downside.  I work from 1-9 Wednesdays to Sundays.  I never wake up with an alarm clock.  And if I go to Disneyland on a Tuesday there’s a 20 minute wait for rides.  If I go to IKEA, I have the store to myself.  If we take the subway downtown at noon, we always get a seat.  Weekends are crazy.  There are 24 million people in this city with the same schedule.

Anyway, in the latest development, the owner wants to meet me personally.  Lauren said this is a good thing.  He’s never asked to meet anyone, and she thinks she can get the tuition down to half for one, and nothing for the other.  That would be cheaper than a nanny, and I would do it. Apparently the middle school staff have voiced their disdain with him, so we will see.  The meeting will be on Thursday.  I will keep you posted on this.

Now, for some heart-breaking news.  Our beloved Baby Ginger died this morning in Raine’s arms.  It was the saddest thing, and I have never seen anyone, person or animal die, but it was not pretty.  I think she had a seizure.  She fell off the chair, and was unresponsive.  She’s been sick since we had her, and the agency said they would take her back, but Oh My God, we had fallen in love with her.  She’s so sweet and cuddly.  She had been losing weight, and the agency said she wouldn’t last long, but somehow, we didn’t believe it.

Raine was crushed like I’ve never seen her.  Actually, I’ll be honest, we all were.  We all just sat there and cried and cried.  We didn’t know what to do with her, but we found out we should bury her in a park garden here, but you have to kind of do it secretly.  It was 90 degrees today, so they waited until late evening.  They couldn’t dig enough before it got dark, so we will have to finish in the morning.  Because these two days are a holiday, everyone is out and about, so it’s hard to be inconspicuous.

As if it’s some consolation, the grocery store had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (which is unusual) “Everything but the…” and it was half price.  So we’ve been eating ice cream out of the tub.



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