Interview adventures

I have never tried to blog on my iPad, but my computer is dead. In fact, not only is my computer dead, but my internet has not been working since last night, but I’m just full of things to say!

I went on an interview yesterday for the same school, but this time for the high school. The elementary school director gave my resume to the heads of all of the departments. My friend called me a car, so I wouldn’t have that taxi problem again. It’s just down the street, but I heard it could take 30 minutes by bus, and I wanted to be there near an hour early, so I ordered the car for 11:30 for my appointment at 1.

It wasn’t really an interview; I had had two of those already. It was a demo class. The information I was given was that it should be about imagery in Romeo and Juliet at regular 11th grade level. I had 40 minutes and 20 students. Do with that what you want. I struggled all week coming up with a lesson plan. I haven’t read Romeo and Juliet since 1984!

So, I read it again, picked out some things, made a Power Point, made some group activities and kind of got something together. 19 slides and three hours into my power point, my computer crashed. I lost everything! It was 10pm. And I had to do it all over again.

My Uber was a little early, and I excited. I arrived in less than 5 minutes! Now I’m an hour and a half early. This is actually embarrassing. And then it starts to rain, and I didn’t bring an umbrella. The campus is big–11 buildings. Maybe I could just look around for a while. But no, security is not agreeing. They take me to one office and gave me a bottle of water. Then someone else took me to her office, then my first interviewer came and took me to the right school and the fourth floor. I was embarrassingly out of breath!

I did notice that all the teachers were dressed very casually in like yoga clothes and flip flops. As we walked through the halls, the kids were really happy. Hugging her and saying”hi.” There were creative projects displayed everywhere. Posters about American history, art projects with plants and flower arranging. It was a very colorful, lively, and fun school.

She took me to the director of the middle school. We sit for a while, and I get a lot of information about the school and the open positions. He looks at my work portfolio and decides he wants me for middle school. Now my interviewer comes in. I apologize for being so early, and the middle school director tells him, he wants a demo class too. Instead, they all agree that they will sit in on my class. It turns into 4 heads of departments and 2 other teachers are watching me.

My class went really well. I mean really well. There were a few snags, like they hadn’t read all of it so some of my imagery for the group work wouldn’t make sense. Luckily, I made sure I had lots of extras. My timing and pace were perfect. They loved my PowerPoint. One of the girls kept telling me that I looked so pretty, and she hoped I would be her teacher.

Then the teachers and I went into the teachers lounge to discuss it. They were very impressed, and they will call me. Oh, and as an added bonus, the girls can go to this school. So, I will wait for their call.

I haven’t really been looking for another job. I like mine. But this one pays about 30% more, and summers are off, winter break, and holidays. Personally, I like having Monday’s and Tuesday’s off because nothing is crowded on those days, but, I could try weekends like everyone else. This is an 8-5 job, so I would have to wake up in the morning like everyone else. Currently, I go to work at 1, but then I work until 9. The girls are excited about being able to go to school though.

In the meantime, I want to talk about family time. When I’m not at work, the girls and I spend all of our time together. Sometimes they go out and play at the park, but they do that everyday when I’m at work. Sometimes we get into movie watching binges, sometimes we play with Legos. But lately, we’ve been doing other things like playing a lot of games, monopoly, go fish, shoots and ladders, candy land, even this huge book of Mad libs. I’m just really appreciating this fun time together we’ve been having.

We’ve also started the hobby of painting rocks. I have seen on North East Ohio Rocks on Facebook, some very fun, interesting ideas for painting rocks. So we found a bunch of rocks, and I got paint and supplies on line, and we all get our paint shirts on, and it’s just so fun.


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