Reoccurring themes

This was quite an interesting weekend with a lot of very Shanghai nuances.  I had a three-day weekend:  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, because last week’s holiday was on my day off.  It was also payday.  Last month, because of my expensive surgery, we couldn’t do anything, or go anywhere.  It really sucked for many weeks, so we made big plans for this weekend.

In the meantime, a good friend of mine here has been urging me to apply for better paying jobs.  She sends me ads and sends my info to headhunters.  So there was a job opening just a few blocks from here that I applied for.  I thought it was high school, but it turned out to be second grade.  I did not want to teach second grade, but then again, Raine is in second grade, and I teach her.  So I thought I would try.  The girls liked the idea of possibly going to an international school.

The supervisor set up a demo class for me Monday morning at 9.  She gave me the lesson and the homework, and told me I could bring my laptop.  I was confused.  What did I need my laptop for?  PowerPoints, of course.  PowerPoints for second grade did not make sense to me at all, but my friend helped me a lot to make a lesson with a PowerPoint.  This whole time I’m working all day, and have no time to prepare until the night before.  I get something together that I’m really proud of, and I get ready to get up at 7 –which is an hour I haven’t seen since we went to Disneyland.

At 7am, I chatted with the supervisor about last minute things, and told her when I left at 8 to be there before 8:30.  It’s only 3 blocks away, so it shouldn’t even be 10 minutes.  It’s pouring rain.  I went out in my perfect second-grade teaching dress and rain coat and stood in the rain waiting for a taxi.  Forty minutes later a taxi finally stopped.  I got in, handed him the address in Chinese, and he looked confused.  I pointed in the general direction, and he went the wrong way.  Then he pulled over, got out of the car and looked for someone to ask.  Then he got back in the car and said what I think was, “I don’t know this area, I’m from Pudong.”  Then he got out again, and opened my door and told me to get out.  I’m about 1km from where he picked me up.  I hurried home as fast as I could, mad and crying.  It was 8:55 before I could call the supervisor.  I felt horrible!  She was wonderful and offered for me to try again.

I felt drained.  I had to lay on my bed and meditate for about 2 hours before I was able to participate in life again.  I made kielbasa, sour kraut, and mashed potatoes for lunch, and then we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It was really very good, and it was the first movie we have seen in a while.  We went to a local place there, and Rumi ate German Sausage and mashed potatoes.  (This will be a recurring theme).

The next day was hotel day.  We haven’t gone swimming or taken a bath in a year!  It has been way too long, so for Mother’s Day, I thought we would go to our favorite hotel.  None of us could wait!

The next morning, we got up early and ate a light breakfast.  I did not want to stand outside and wait forever for a taxi again, so I called the hotel and asked if they could call a taxi.  They did, three times, no taxi showed up.  So we walked out on the street and got one pretty quickly, but he got lost. I am fed up with Songjiang taxis.

We finally got there, and they gave us a card with about 8 free things on it for spring.  All the girls could think about though, was swimming, so that is the first place we went.  We swam for about 5 hours and went in the Jacuzzi for a bit.  Then we got ready for dinner.  The restaurant always has Indian food that I love, but now they have a new menu, and it seemed the same except no Indian food!  Rumi had German sausages and mashed potatoes.  Raine got a free dessert and juice. I chose a grilled mushroom and onion burger –except it wasn’t a burger.  It was just mushrooms and onions .  Seventeen dollars for two vegetables was a bit much.

When I was eating it, and it was pretty good, I started choking, really bad, until everything came up in my beautiful cloth napkin.  It was scary and embarrassing, but it seems like this has been happening a lot lately.  It happened once when we were out at the old river town, once with Stephen at lunch, a couple of other times with the girls.  I’m not sure why this is happening more and more.  It could be the surgery, or I’m not chewing enough because of my broken teeth.

Then we went to our room for bath/cable time.  We always watch the Discovery Channel.  I brought coconut oil for the bath and wow, I forgot how good that could feel.  I really need a bathtub.  We fell asleep quickly and easily.  It probably helps that they are the most comfortable beds in China.

We woke up early and had their very famous brunch.  It is always so good.  Then we went to the farm to feed the animals.  I think this was the girls favorite thing, even more than swimming.  It was really hot, but we fed rabbits, pigs, goats and very crazy donkey.

We went swimming again for about 3 more hours, skipped the free miniature golf, walked back to feed the animals again.  Then I had a coupon for a proper tea, which was the way I wanted to end this Mother’s Day.  It was the best tea!  Really wonderful!  And we came home and crashed!  So here we are.  And a high school asked me for an interview in the morning, on Skype, no taxi necessary.



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