This blog won’t have pictures, just a few stories I wanted to share.

We went to see Beauty and Beast on Monday.  I personally thought it was really great right up to the point when Hermione was kissing Matthew Crowley.  Could not wrap my head around it.  But, here’s the funny thing.  Rumi is on the Chinese form of Facebook, called “Wechat” with all of her friends.  “Everybody saw it already!  Everyone’s posting pictures! Everyone loved it!”

My days off are Monday and Tuesday.  I LOVE having Mondays and Tuesdays off, because in the biggest city in the world, nothing is crowded.  Go to Disneyland on a Tuesday and you pay half price and wait 20 minutes per ride.  Go to the movies on a Monday afternoon and get your choice of seats.  For the first time, Rumi was the last to do something.  Personally, I thought it was funny.  And she had to bring her iPad to take pictures of the display to prove she had gone too.  The whole high school thing has started…at 10.

That day, was also the first day of spring.  And the mall where the theater was had a roof garden.  Perfect place for the first day of spring.  As we walked around, Raine had found a little Rubik’s cube on a keychain and wanted to buy it.  (They had just received a little bit of money from Aunt Rita).  She clipped it to her jacket and played with it on the subway ride home.  At one point, she held it up and look at me with a face a can’t quite describe.   “It’s ruined!”  she exclaimed.  I could not stop laughing.  I tried to explain that it’s a puzzle and that is the fun of it, but that face.  I still can’t stop laughing thinking about it.

On Tuesday, I went to the hospital.  I had an appointment with an ENT.  I had had a three-hour bloody nose.  I keep getting headaches, and my neck hurts like crazy.  I thought it was either sinuses or nerve damage.

I pay out-of-pocket and do not use my insurance when I go to the hospital, because here is the difference:  If I pay $50, I go right in, talk to someone in English, and I know they are paying attention to me.  If I pay $2 –which is refunded, I wait for 5-8 hours to see someone who does not speak English, (So I have to bring a friend willing to wait 5-8 hours) and while I am in their office, other people come in, shout at them, sit down, whatever.  Obviously, I choose the VIP option.  Another advantage, is that they give me a personal orderly when I need tests, who takes me to each, individual one and puts me in the front of the line.   I had an ultra sound on my neck, I had a camera in my throat, I had x-rays, blood tests and heart test.

Turns out they found a tumor on my lymph node.  (Every Chinese doctor called it a “noodle” by the way, which lightened the news).  My ENT said, “It’s small.  It’s not urgent.  Don’t worry.”  She said it over and over.  They are going to remove it on April 7th.  I might have to stay overnight.  The girls will sleep at their friends’ house.  That timing was incredible, because our friends are leaving for a month just four days later.

So, that’s what the doctor said.


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