Some days…

I know it’s been a while and I am not sure where to start.  Health issues have kept me away from sitting at a computer.  But also, it seems like it’s been a busier time than usual.  Everyday seems to just be so tiring.

I don’t want to get into my health issues until I go to the hospital on Tuesday and go through a bunch of tests.  I’m hoping for big, bad sinus infection.  The alternatives are too scary.

We have been able to have a bit of fun despite these things.  We went with our friends on a trip to a small water town nearby.  I can’t believe it’s so close and easy to get to.  I also couldn’t believe how crowded it was on a Tuesday.  Still, it was fun, and it was a great day for pictures.

I was in such a bad mood yesterday.  I was working on a powerpoint about International Women’s Day, because if one more man asked, “Why don’t we have men’s day?” or, “what do women have to complain about?” I was going to punch someone.  I focused my research and statistics solely on America, and it just made me more and more depressed as I worked on it.

To top it off, I work with four men.  I don’t hate men.  One of them, Stephen, is one of my closest friends here.  But, one talked about the new Under Armor “wife beater” he just bought.   “You mean tank top?” I asked. To which he tried to explain how it’s not exactly a tank top.  I somehow don’t believe they have the words “wife beater” on the tag when they are selling it.

Then one of our course consultants came in to give Stephen another Demo class.  We get extra money if they sign up after them.  The thing is, Stephen seems to get 75% of all of the demo classes, another guy gets the other 25% and the rest of us are never asked to do one.  The “wife beater” guy is brand new, so he can’t do them.  The other guy is seriously never in the office for a minute unless he is teaching, so they can’t even ask him, and then there is me.  So I asked the C.C. “Why does Stephen ALWAYS get the demos? I’ve been here since we opened and you never ask me.  Do you hate women?  Do you only want single, white men?  What do we have to do to get chosen?”  I think I completely shocked her.

She said, “I gave you one.  Amanda.”

“That was 2 years ago, and she signed up for 2 years.  That’s pretty awesome, and you never ask me again?”  Completely speechless.  Then this afternoon, another C.C. came up to me and said she’s setting up a demo for next week, can I do it?  Stephen never gets a week’s notice.  So, uhh, yeah, that worked very well.

But the worst part about yesterday was a one-on-one class I had with a high-level student.  Sometimes I am too judgmental and opinionated and sometimes I really let it get the best of me, but this time, trying to bite my tongue bothered me for more than a day.

He has a seven-month old daughter.  He’s been my student since before she was born.  I ask him all the time how she is doing and stuff like that.  So he says she’s been spitting a lot and he doesn’t know why.  At first I thought he meant spitting up, but then I realized it was drooling.  I smiled and said, she is getting a tooth.  I told him to take his finger and slide it along her gums, and before I could finish, he shook his head.  “I can’t do that, my mother in law won’t let me.  She is too cleanliness.”

“Does your baby suck her thumb?”  I asked.  He said she won’t let her because it’s dirty.  And that his mother in law insists she has more experience and she knows more than they do, so they can’t argue with her.  “What about toys?”  I asked.  What toys do you give her?  Does she put them in her mouth?”

“No, we don’t let her play with anything.  She doesn’t even let me kiss her.”  He said.  “So you don’t let her explore, learn on her own, or comfort herself?  She probably cries a lot.”  I said.  To which, he agreed.  “But I can’t hurt my mother in law’s heart.”  Yes, because her feelings are so much more important than his baby’s development.  I had to change the subject before I got too mad.  I went home that day with such a stress headache, and woke up with a worse one.

Home is my oasis.  We got a new kitten, Ginger, who really is a female tabby.  We all love her, even the other kittens, and she’s just so adorable and comfortable with us.  But, she has some sort of chronic runny nose.  The agency said they would take her back and give us a “healthy” kitten, but she’s SO adorable.  She had to spend this week in the kitty hospital.  Luckily, the agency picks her up, takes her, and pays for everything.  She’s coming back in the morning and we all can’t wait.  They said she is a lot better, but it’s not completely gone.


We have a lot of big expenses coming and I’m not sure how I’m going to swing them.  I have all of these medical tests tomorrow, the girls need a bunk bed really bad, I still want a bath tub, the cats will need to be spayed, It all adds up and weighs on me.  I will have about 10 days at the end of April for vacation, and I’d love to go somewhere or do something, but priorities dictate.



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