The Year of the Rooster.

I’m so far behind in blogging.  I think my last one was around Christmas.  There are a million things on my mind, but very few I want to share.  I’m on day three of my 10 days off for Chinese New Years.  Project 24 hour pajamas is under-way.


The first two days were fun and interesting.  Raine has been dying to try out the new ball pit in the mall, so we went there first.  The next day we met up with my friend, Connie.  We met on East Nanging Road.  I can’t believe I’ve never been there.  It’s like the shopping center of the city.  Don’t get me wrong, shopping is a hobby here, and there’s nowhere where there isn’t malls and shopping, but this is pedestrian streets with shops on both sides, and I never saw it.

There was a four-story, foreign-language book store.  This is my new favorite place.  There’s even a coffee shop inside, so no reason to leave.  But this wasn’t the best thing.

Connie has a long and interesting background, and one part of it is massage therapist.  (Another part is Peace Corps, corporate lawyer, teacher…)  I had mentioned Rumi’s foot, and she really looked at it and asked a lot of questions.  Then we went to a Nike store.  She had Rumi trying on shoes and walking differently.


The first thing we found out is that her high tops were wedged, so her heels were too high anyway.  Also, they were 3 –Yes 3 sizes too small!  I swear this is not my fault.  Every season I take her and Raine shoe shopping.  Raine gets new shoes and Rumi insists on her high tops.  She never wanted to change.  I’ve tried for Christmas.  I’ve tried almost every week, she wouldn’t change.  I didn’t notice how big her feet have become.  She’s a size 8 women’s!  Did I mention she’s 9 years old?

So she tries on some Nike Airs, and walks flat for the first time in a while.  This is way out of my budget but Connie just bought them and told the store to throw away her old shoes.  Rumi wore them out of the store.  Then, Connie showed her some exercises she can do everyday like standing on a stool for two minutes and letting her heels hang down.  She explained how she has to retrain her muscles.  So far, everything she said is working, and it’s only been a few days.


But I also told her about my horribly-infected, ingrown toe nail.  It’s been weeks, but I don’t want to go to the doctor here.  I got Chinese medicine and I was told it works slow, and some days are better than others, but it’s still bad.  Then she said, “Don’t you remember from Peace Corps?  Baking soda.”  But actually, I was in Thailand, and we didn’t learn all these things because he had great hospitals, and were told to go to them for anything.  She was in the Ukraine, and they were taught to do everything themselves, even given antibiotics.  This is how she knew about the baking soda.  Tried it that night, and it worked!



So today, we went to the grocery store before they close for the holidays, and both of us walked comfortably.  All Rumi could say is, “I can’t believe she bought me these shoes.”


It’s the Year of the Rooster, which is my year.  I’m told this in not a lucky thing, this is a “Be careful, bad things can happen, lay low” year.  We’ll see.



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