Old business and new business.

I know I talked about the business of being here a few weeks ago, but that was the beginning of both the time and money spent just to keep paperwork in order to be able to live and work here.  Yesterday, I had to get up early and get down to the consulate to get notarized documents swearing that my daughters’ old passports and new passports are of the same people.  It’s a new law this month costing me $50 for each document.

Then I had to pay 2000RMB which is twice as much as I paid for Disneyland, just to pick up my girls’ passports at the visa office (an hour from the consulate).   I tried to argue since it was just temporary for a few weeks, but I had to pay it –in cash.  Oh, but wait, the ATM machines in the building were out of order.  There were two young women, one from Canada and one from the Philippines, who had the same problem.  We had to walk a few blocks down to a bank.  So we walked together and made new friends.


In between these two places, we had to get 4 passport pictures for our yearly visa renewal.  Bu the time we got to our friends’ house for dinner I was exhausted!  For the record, we are still not done.  I have to take everything I have collected, and give them to HR who will get my visas and expert certificates and all of that renewed (Hopefully, at their expense, because my bank account is empty and my credit card is maxed out).

And there’s been another problem.  Tigger, our kitten peed outside of his litter box.  I told the girls, I will not have this.  I will not have a smelly house.  Raine couldn’t cuddle him or anything because she’s been sick for a few days, and Rumi’s been feeding him and cleaning his box.  He is also, definitely not short on attention.  So anyway, while I was at work, they called me.  He pooped on Rumi’s bed.  I was really mad.  This is a really spoiled cat, and I will not have this.  So then, the kept the bedroom doors shut while we slept so that he had to sleep in the living room.  Then, when I woke up to go to the bathroom, he left a big puddle right at my door that I couldn’t avoid stepping in.  I tried to get him, and he hissed at me.  I told the girls that I was not having it.  Not in my house.


While I was taking a shower before work, they took him outside and let him go.  They took me so seriously.  I know I’m strong on integrity, but I didn’t want to get rid of him, I just wanted to find out what his problem was.

I didn’t want the girls to think they did something wrong, because they would have felt even worse, so I told them that if they thought he had learned his lesson, they could go get him back.  They ran out, in a rain storm to try to find him, and they couldn’t.  They spent hours, every day, looking for him, and we all spent this whole afternoon, and we still haven’t found him.  We found 4 other tabbys and about 20 other cats who would love to be spoiled, but we didn’t find him.  Last night, Raine was crying for him in her sleep.  It’s finally hit her.  I feel awful, but at the same time, I don’t know why he started acted like that.  Grandma says he needs to find a girl-friend, so the girls think he’s happier and maybe we will find some kittens in a few months and we can get one of those.e

Maybe the best thing we did was on Sunday.  For months I have been watching my co-worker create an authentic pizza place with his dad and brother.  We got invited to an exclusive pre-opening to try out a set meal.  We had the best chicken wings ever, crazy bread, and a veggie pizza and a pepperoni and sausage pizza.  It was soooo good!  The crazy bread took me back to high school.  The pizza was stretched and pulled and not a circle and not cut into wedges.  The sauce and crust were so good, we could have had them plain.  We hope to make it our new Sunday, family dinner tradition.


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