Well, That turned quickly.

My four-day weekend is coming to a close and what a whopper it was!  I need a vacation from all this “rest and relaxation.”  Here’s the thing.  When does survival mode stop?  When do I ever get chance to feel like things are working favorably, like it’s all working out?  At the beginning of this time off, I had dreams of going to Disneyland this month.  I wanted to go so bad!  And let me explain the cost.  The transportation by subway would be about $1 for me and Rumi, Raine is free.  The entrance would be about $42 for Raine and Rumi and $50 for me.  Food is about $10 a meal at most of the places.  This was not a huge expense for most normal people.  But having to move now, means any extra cash is going to a deposit.

So I looked at five other apartments in this complex.  Two were so disgusting, I didn’t want to walk past the door.  One was pretty good.  Two were very livable, but none were as nice as the one we have now, and yet all were more expensive.  We don’t want to move.  I hate being in this position.

Let me explain how things work here.  When you want to get an apartment, you need to get a realtor.  And you need to pay them 35% of a monthly rent.  My landlord said, that if I moved, he would pay them since it’s his fault.  The next day, a realtor contacted me on wechat (which is like facebook, but you can only see people you are connected to –which means, someone I know connected him to me).  He’s the one that showed me the five houses.  He knew where I lived, because he knew my landlord was selling, so I thought my landlord sent him to me.

When he showed me the first two, I didn’t even want to step in.  I was a social worker in Lorain County and never saw anything like this.  And I wondered, why is he wasting my time?  I showed him pictures of my place and told him that I want something like that.  Later, he asked if he could come take pictures of my place, and I thought it was for the landlord.  All the while, people keep coming to see my place.

I told the landlord that he needs to notify me before people come, because almost every time, I was in my pajamas.  I also said they can’t come on my days off.  He had no idea what I was talking about.  He told me “DON’T OPEN THE DOOR ANYMORE!”  Yeah, he wasn’t sending them.  Nor did he send the photographer.  He was really mad about that.  Not mad at me, of course.  He was worried about me.  So he’s canceled selling.  At least for now.

And do you know what that means?  We should be able to go to Disneyland next week!


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