Damn wrench!

Day one of my four-day weekend, the first Saturday off ever. So the girls and I made loaded nachos for dinner. It was Rumi’s request. We sit down to eat and watch “Home” because I love it, and the buzzer for the downstairs door buzzes. We weren’t expecting anyone and I didn’t see any familiar cars. Still, we unlock the door and a few minutes later, my Keanu Reeves landlord, his wife and a guy in a suit are there. I thought maybe he was going to fix something. No.

They want to sell this apartment. This has happened to all my friends, but I’ve been lucky so far. Right now, where I live has tripled in value since I moved in. If my landlord paid 5 million for this place, it’s worth 15 million now. And according to his wife they need the money. They are sorry, and they hope it won’t be too soon.

Of course the guy looking was very impressed. I’m pretty sure he offered immediately, because it sounded like they were negotiating. It’s a really great place. I don’t blame him. During the negotiations, they said they would let us live here at the same rent. Then he said he would help us find another place. That sounds sooner than later. Rumi wanted to cry, and went into the room to be by herself.  We have lived here longer than any other place since she was born.

I tried to look at good things. Maybe we could get a place with a bathtub. Rumi said, “That’s the best you can come up with?” I know. There is no kitchen in China as great as ours. But maybe they could have a big proper bedroom, and a bathtub. Maybe in a different neighborhood, it might actually be cheaper. But I will need three months rent, which I won’t have. I will need money for a moving truck, etc…AAAUUUGHH!

As cheap as Disneyland is here, it will have to wait now too. I don’t want to move. I really like this place. And I’ve had horrible landlords, and I really like this one. And it’s an easy walk to work and the subway (which is why the value has tripled.) As you can imagine, it was hard to finish our dinner and movie. I think we’re going to try to not think about it until we have to, but we might do some downsizing on our day off. Honestly, that’s always a good thing anyway.

I was so excited, because before this weekend, I got paid early. I made it through last month without borrowing money for the first time since June. Things were all back on track, and then, BOOM! A wrench gets thrown in.

And there’s another thing. I’m looking for my endgame. It can’t be China, because I can only stay here as long as I get a work visa, so after retirement age, I can’t work, and I can’t be here. That’s 55 for women. I was talking to another American teacher here. He’s 50. He’s a single dad of two very young boys. We were talking about our endgame, and he decided that he’s moving to Hawaii after the new year. He’s lived here 9 years. He’s lived around the world most of his grown life. But he wants good schools and hospitals for his children. I completely understand.

I have applied for a few government jobs over the years that I was WAY more than qualified for. In the process, I was told that I met all the qualifications, and yet, I never got an interview. It’s possible that people were already lined up, and they just had to post the openings anyway, but it’s a bit disappointing.

Well, I’ve applied for another one. This one is in the states. Once again, I exceed the qualifications, but it’s been a month, and I still haven’t heard anything. The cut-off date is Dec.31st, so I’ve been told not to sweat it. And, it’s still posted and not filled. I could use a lot of positive energy on this one. It is perfect for me, and a great end-game. I could actually save money and even retire someday. Plus, great medical beats no medical. Maybe this could tie in with being forced to move, and it will all work out.

That’s really all we can do, go on, and hope it all works out.


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