As things are going…

Sometimes I forget I’m in China.  I mean it’s not like you wake up everyday thinking, “I’m in Cleveland.” Or “I’m in LA.” Or whatever.  But I sit in my house watching American TV, and eating American food, and I forget.  I forget right until I need to go buy milk or something,  And then it hits me, “Oh, yeah.”


But yesterday was not a good China day for me.  It was my day off, and the people above me decided to do some major construction, including drilling, right above my bedroom at 8am.  Now they have never been quiet.  Someone up there practices the piano for up to twelve hours a day, but, I almost find it pleasant, and it’s quite muffled.  The biggest problem is that they are trying to learn Jingle Bells, and I’m not sure if they’ll get it down by Christmas.  Anyway, I went out into the family room, and it was just as loud.

Yesterday, I binge watched “Stranger Things” all night, so I didn’t get much sleep.  The problem is, the site that I used didn’t have the last episode!  I mentioned this on Facebook, and my friend showed me how to watch TV shows on other sites.  I spent 4 hours watching 20 minutes because it wouldn’t stop buffering and I still don’t know how it ended!

Then, as usual, we went to our friends’ house downtown.  All of the up escalators in our subway station were broken.  All of them!  Then, when we had to transfer, for some stupid reason, we transferred on the wrong train, and had to back track.  I was so tired from lack of sleep.  I actually took a nap on her couch.  I could have watched the last 20 minutes of Stranger Things at her house, but I was sure I could get it working at my house.  Sadly, I still haven’t, and I wish I would have taken her up on the offer!

We talked more about Disneyland, and she showed me her pictures and the map.  It was so much bigger than I imagined.  We circled the things we would like to do.  I have some time off in the middle of October, and if I can swing it financially, I would like to take the girls then.  It would be a Tuesday or Wednesday, which is cheaper and a lot less crowded.  And, hopefully, the temperature may be down to the 70-80’s.  I made a promise to the girls a long time ago, that when they were out of diapers and no longer needed naps, we could go.  I love that I don’t have to fly to Florida, I can take Subway line 11 straight there.  Oh, and I didn’t wait a long time to fulfill this promise, Raine still takes naps regularly.

When we came home, the subways were crowded as usual, and we would be standing on a train for a while.  I thought we should skip the first train, and go on the next, but then I quickly saw some friends from our neighborhood, and we jumped on in the last second.  They have four children, but three are in college now.  They also home-school.  I met them when they still had three children living here, but now they are down to one.  They don’t know what they will do when they have an empty nest in two years.

It seems strange that in a city of 25 million people, that we would happen to run into people we know, in random situations.  For example, there are 25-30 cars on each subway train.  What are the chances of seeing our friends at the very gate we were standing at, at that very train, because the trains come about every minute and a half?  Despite the odds, we run into people like that all the time.

So a few other things have been happening.  As a family, we cook together almost always.  I love that!  I have two great suis chefs and we’ve been making some great things.  Everything from cereal bars for snacks, and vegetable fritters, chili, beef stew, chicken and noodles, tuna noodle casserole, and many things.  We’ve even been making lemonade regularly.


For Raine’s birthday, she just had a sleep-over with her friends.  The only thing she really wanted to do was make smoothies, which we did.  I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she decided on Jello –not cake.  So that’s what we had.  She told me over and over that was her favorite part.


In Homeschooling, Raine has been working really hard and may be ready to advance.  I’m not sure if I can ever teach her to read though.  Rumi has decided that punctuation is the bane of her existence and “I won’t need this later in life anyway!”  Other than that, she may be ready to advance soon too.  But it seems to me, third graders do now what we did in fifth grade or even higher.  I’m not sure why certain things are rushed.

So that is what’s going on here mid-autumn and still too hot to not have A/C, here in China.







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