A little bit of this and that

Our air conditioner has been broken in the bedrooms for 6 days.  “not a little question –a BIG question.” Said my very cute landlord.  He means problem, not question. But then he told me it won’t be fixed for a week.  We’ve been sleeping out on the couch, and it sucks.  It’s a sectional and the pieces move while we’re sleeping.  My friend told me to put a yoga mat under the pieces, so I might try that tonight.  It’s not in the triple digits anymore, but still in the high eighties and nineties, and the need for A/C is still there.

Four times a week I teach a class of up to fifty students at different levels anything I want.  The first two are about American Life and culture, one is supposed to be about current events but feels a lot more like group therapy.  We sit in a circle and talk about anything.  And one is me trying to help them do better in anything, studying, cooking, eating, decision-making, etc.  I love these classes.  I make fabulous power-points and really just come out feeling pumped.  About every other month, I teach a yoga class.  It’s been a while since I did yoga regularly, and once in a while, I really feel I need it.  I do simple chair yoga, because they aren’t prepared when they walk in.  We all left feeling so chilled and awesome. I always  get a lot of compliments on that class, and I really should do it more often.  It’s just a win/win.

Tomorrow, we have to go to the consulate to get the girls passports renewed.  Apparently, we’re hitting that five year mark of living outside of the country.  I’m a little nervous because there is a whole list of things I need.  It should be easy, if I can find the place and I have everything I need.  After I pick those up, I have to get their visas renewed. So my next several free days will be booked.

We had a lovely day on Raine’s birthday.  We didn’t have a big party yet, that will be next week.  She didn’t want to spend all day with the nanny, so I gave her the day off, and they spent the day with me.  There’s a new ball pit in the mall, so that’s the first thing we did.  There’s also a new toy store, but we’re still paying off our vacation, so we just wandered around.  Rumi said they only have last year’s things anyway.


–Ok, back from the consulate.  Easy breezy.  We came early and got right in.  A pregnant woman with hair like Rumi’s saw us from the offices behind the glass and waved to the girls, first thing.  I knew that was a good sign.  I had all my papers in order, and I happened to have some pictures, so I didn’t need new ones, and everything was handled pretty quickly.  Also, I registered us, which I kept forgetting to do before.  That means, they know who we are and where we live.  If there are any problems we can be notified or helped quicker.  Like if there’s an earthquake in Songjiang, they know where to look for us.  (There are no earthquakes in Songjiang).  I also registered to vote here, so yea.  Killed several birds with one stone.

Ok, here’s my biggest news.  I can’t stop smiling.  I learned to read when I was very young,  I was an avid reader as a child.  I read the little house series in first grade.  So the  fact that Rumi doesn’t find reading as enjoyable as I did has always bothered me.  Every time we go to the bookstore, I offer to buy them books.  (I never buy them toys.  They save their own money for that).  They often never even look.  And Rumi never looks at the chapter books.  Well, when foreigners move back, they always give their stuff away, and someone gave my friend Jodie a stack of kids books, and she offered me like 75% of them!  I was happy to have them, but I could only carry so many at a time.  One that I grabbed was in the Magic Treehouse series.  When we got home, I handed it to Rumi, and I told her that she should be able to read this at her level.  She complained, “THE WHOLE THING?!”  I wanted to laugh.  It’s 70 pages.  “Yes, the whole thing.”  “But, that will take FOREVER!” and she stomped off to her bedroom with the book.  An hour later, at dinnertime, she couldn’t wait to tell me everything that happened.  Then she couldn’t put it down all night.  But she kept stopping every ten minutes to catch me up on every detail.  And she finished it, in less than a day.

On our day downtown, we stopped at the bookstore, and they had the whole series there, so I let her pick out 4 more (because they weren’t that expensive –and nothing compared to the J.K. Rowling “Cursed Child” book, I had been waiting for).  Now she’s on her second one.  She’s been bit by the reading bug  and I can’t stop smiling.


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