And Tigger too…

We have added a new member to our family. She’s a very small kitten named “Tigger.” This came about for two reasons. First, Rumi has decided to create the bedroom of her dreams. In her world, this means My Little Pony floor to ceiling, and so Raine’s toys (her kitchen, her dolls, her Barbies) have been moved to the sunroom. Raine is into My Little Pony, but not THAT much. So now she doesn’t feel like the bedroom is even for her.

Then, I was walking to work and there was the most adorable kitten in the world, playing with others, and I had a lightbulb moment. I asked my friend who rescues cats where I could get cat supplies, and I showed him a picture of the kitten. He asked if the mother is still around, and she is. She’s always watching the kittens play. He said she was too young then. But, he had a kitten available. So we bought all of the supplies, and a week later, went to go pick her up.


I explained several times, this is Raine’s kitten. Raine is a nurturer of plants, animals and babies. There isn’t one that she doesn’t go gaga over that doesn’t go gaga over her too. It’s just so natural for her. Rumi and I could play with the kitten or whatever, but she is completely Raine’s responsibility.


I never realized how good she would be. I thought I would have to do some things, or show her how or something, but WOW! And this kitten thinks Raine is her mommy. I know she’s seven, but Raine still often takes a nap, and that kitten will cuddle with her from wherever she is. She will come to her, play with her, follow her around. It’s adorable. She even lets Raine carry her around like a baby and play with her like a baby.


I was a bit upset with my friend though, because the kitten was not clean when we got her, and I don’t mean just bathed. We wiped her down with a wet wash cloth, but there were black things on her head that had to be picked off. Raine did it all too. Also, as we got into the taxi to go home, (because you can’t take an animal on the subway) my friend said, “take her to the vet to get de-wormed as soon as possible.” I swear the taxi was driving away as he yelled it on the noisy street. Do I have any idea where a vet is in my district? I mean, I can ask a few people and find out, but things like this might take a few weeks.


Still, over all, she is adorable, very friendly, and cuddly. And I have never seen Raine so happy and full of purpose. She thanks me every night before she goes to bed, and I don’t think she thinks twice about the My Little Pony bedroom. But now, Rumi wants a kitten…


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