The second half of our vacation

I want to wrap up the second half of our vacation, because I want to get into what’s going on now.

On the third week, first, we went swimming, for an entire day. We haven’t been swimming for so long. In Thailand, we were used to swimming everyday.  In Ohio, we swam almost every warm day. Here, we only swim when we can take a weekend and go to a hotel. So it was definitely on our list to do. And since I was able to buy the girls new bathing suits, they got to try them out.

We went to Splash Zone, which has like 4 indoor pools and several outdoor pools (that weren’t open yet). The pools were heated, so even I swam—a lot.


Then, my step-daughter came to visit for several days. The sisters were sisters. She did their hair, played games with them, went boating with them, and they all just had a great time.

One of the days, we took a walking tour of Oberlin. We did the historical/underground railroad tour. It was very interesting. We also had ice-cream at Gibson’s went to both book stores, and ate at Aladdin’s –again. It was a kind of hot day, and the college was preparing for graduation, and it was just a really good day all around.


Then, my mother had a party she had been planning for more than a month. She had invited all of our family to come see us. It’s very interesting to be the reason for a party. That hasn’t happened for over 10 years. The fact that so many friends drove all the way out to Oberlin to hang out with us, wasn’t lost on me either. It was actually a bit over-whelming.

So aunts, uncles, cousins, second-cousins, third cousins, nieces, nephews, brothers, –almost everyone was there. Sadly, the weather sucked and we were forced into the garage instead of having the outdoor fun and games my mom had planned and my dad had prepared for. But it was definitely a “feel good” day anyway. It was so wonderful spend such a good time with everyone.


The next day, a bunch of my high school friends had a get-together at a place called Wolfey’s. It was oddly sunny and warm that day. It was great to be surrounded by people my age. I didn’t realize how important that is as times, or that I was missing out on anything. But I found out that I was, and also, that I do to do that MUCH more often.


The next day, Julie, my sister from a different mother, came to get us. We spent 4 days and 3 nights down in Troy (near Dayton) with her and her family. The first full day since we arrived late at night) we had a wonderful, but busy, day. We had errands to run, then we went to the Dayton Air Force museum, and then we came back and they had a “meet and greet” cook-out. We got to meet some of her friends (the ones that could come on a Tuesday evening).


The next day we went out for a great breakfast, including sausage gravy and biscuits and hash browns. Later, The girls found some of MariCait’s old doll houses and they were very busy. Julie took a nap and Lauri (Julie’s sister) and I went to Tim Horton’s for donuts and coffee. That evening there was a headstone dedication for Julie’s fifteen year-old son, Liam and after that there was a short mass and reception. I saw her parents there too. It’s been such a long time!

The next day, we had to leave a little early, because she had to get back. On our way, we stopped for some snacks, and my poor Rumi got stung by a wasp on her ear, and when she smacked it, she got stung on her hand too! Unfortunately, umm, I woke up cramping and Julie had given me some muscle relaxers that rendered me pretty useless. It was hard for me to think straight. But at the little shop we were at, they had sting medicine which instantly made her feel better.

The last day (not really, but it’s what we thought) I spent a lot of time finishing the packing. And a lot of time on the phone trying to rearrange our flights. No one had noticed until just then, that we would be spending 16 hours in Chicago airport over night. We had to fix that. Sadly, I was trying to fix that while Chris came over to see us again. I don’t feel like I need to say good-bye to her, I know she will come to visit.

My parents took us and my brother and nephew all out to a very nice restaurant for our “last supper.” The experience was way below everyone’s expectations, but I don’t want to get into the details of that. The next day, we had a whole secret day. We were supposed to have left already, but because of the rearranged flight, we got one extra day.

My parents took us to a beautiful park. It was really nice. We watered plants, went on a Merry-go-round, saw two snakes, and lots of beautiful flowers. It was really the perfect day for it. Then we went to a great ice-cream shop and I had a peanut-butter malt. OMG, heaven in a cup! And we ordered pizza for dinner and ate outside, because it was a beautiful day.


And that, ladies and gentlemen was our incredibly awesome vacation. I can hands down say, it was our best vacation ever.


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