Our Second Week

043So Week two started on Monday, and we really wanted to watch Captain America. So we asked to be dropped off at Crocker Park for the whole afternoon. Ok, there, I got sticker shock. $38 for a matinee! I spent a lot at Barnes and Noble too, and a bit at Trader Joes. Then my dad picked us up and took us all out to a lovely restaurant for mother’s day. I had proper fish and chips, –so good! Then, even though it was really cold, we went up to the lake in Vermillion.

The next three days we had plans to spend time with Rita at her house in Lakewood. The first day, we wanted to go to all of old haunts. First, My Friend’s Restaurant. They missed us! Hug all around, and lots of special service. What was also funny is that there was an old couple there who I remembered from when we lived around the corner. I would come with the girls and they would compliment me on how well behaved they were. It was so weird that they happened to be there.

I had a gyro. I love them there. We also did some shopping, showed Rumi a real Toys R Us, bought lots of things. Rumi had worked for months before this trip and had managed to save $231.00. She wanted to buy all kinds of things she can’t find in China. I wanted to buy things like socks, underwear, bras, and things I can’t find in China too (at least in my size).

We spent the evening watching T.V. Sounds crazy, but we don’t have T.V. in China. We watched Full House, Little House on the Prairie, the Waltons, good stuff like that. The next day, we set aside to see the Pharaoh exhibit at the Art Museum. I can’t believe the renovations! It was BEAUTIFUL! The girls love having the little phone tell them what everything is. I loved seeing all of my favorite paintings and sculptures. And then we had a lovely lunch in the atrium.

Rita completely understood me without talking. She took the long ways, and made sure we could see all of our old placing and paths. Also, she showed us a few new things like Rumi’s Deli. We went to Lakewood park everyday and let the girls play like they used to. They can’t ever get enough playground time.


On the last day, we went back to Oberlin, and we went to their Art Museum. And then we ate at Aladdin’s. It was a very nice day to walk around. We took advantage of it.

By this time, I had actually been dreaming about Chinese food. I especially missed the food my nanny made me. I may have mentioned this, because my dad took us out for Chinese. I was surprised to see things on the menu that I don’t remember ever seeing like ma po tofu and Chicken curry. These are my favorite dishes. But I decided against getting the Chinese foods I really like, because I was sure they wouldn’t taste right. So I got “American Chinese” food that I can’t find in China. So Shrimp Egg Fu Yung it was.

If it seems like I was obsessed by food, I kind of was. I would think, “hmmm, I haven’t had this in three and half years…” So doughnuts, cottage cheese, English muffins, Ben & Jerry’s, sausage gravy and biscuits, anything that sounded good at any time. I didn’t restrict myself from anything.


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