I’m back!

It’s been so long, I don’t know where to start. I have been without a computer for WAY too long which has cut into my writing, blogging and general creativity. But, I came back to America for my first vacation in three and a half years, and my dad made me speechless by presenting me with this laptop! Yea! So now, blogging and writing will return. Yea again!

I have no idea how to catch up, even in a summary, but I’ll try.

When I moved to China, I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would like it, but I knew I could give my daughters a better life there. As a single mom with no other financial support, I couldn’t make enough to feed my two daughters. The divorce and my cancer really drained me in all ways and I will admit, I was desperate when we moved to Thailand. I was even more afraid when we moved to China, because at least I could speak Thai, and I understood Thailand after my time in Peace Corps, but the only things I knew about China were not good.

Which is why it shocks me every day in how much I love living there. I could never live in America as well as I live there. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing exceptionally, but I am no longer barely surviving. In fact, I have a very good life right now.

I have a nanny (number 14, as you may know) –who is the best EVER! When I come home, I have dinner ready and laundry done. The girls are happy, clean, and safe, and my time is purely family time with them. I could never have that in America.

I home-school them, which is so good for all of us. Raine is severally dyslexic, and I’ve had to learn to teach her differently, and Rumi loves making stop-action movies, so that is her art class. They are both doing well in all of their subjects.

We have moved from downtown to way out in the outskirts. I love where we live now. I have a great apartment and landlord –yea! Everything is cheaper than it was downtown; rent, nanny, food, everything. And I’ve gotten some raises, so it’s all working out well.

But what I have really learned is that I am rich in friends. I can’t believe how rich in friends I am. George Bailey has nothing on me.

So now, We’ve been in America for 2 weeks and, as my friend Rita kept saying, “it’s surreal.” I have never come to America from a country with a return ticket back. Last time was not a vacation, this time is. Even though the weather hasn’t been the greatest, and yesterday, it actually snowed! We are treating it as a vacation, and it’s been fun being tourists.

Well, I can keep up better, and maybe I will even reminisce about the things I have missed in my “unconnected” time. But, until then…


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