A time for renewal

There have been some interesting things going on. The least of which is that I got hit by a motorcycle. It was quite amazing actually. I’m not hurt. It was late at night, and pouring rain. His head was down and he was not watching where he was going, and he was not going slow either. When he stopped, his wheel was in between my legs, and my umbrella was in his chest. He’s lucky he wasn’t impaled and I didn’t even get knocked down. So that was an event.

So, I have been reflecting a lot. This is our two-year anniversary here, and our one-year anniversary in this apartment. This is the longest the girls have lived anywhere since they can remember. It’s sad, but true. But it’s a good place to stay and remember. We really do love it here, and it is ideal for many reasons.

I have a bit of time-off in between contracts that I would like to actually leave Shanghai. We’ve been in this city for 2 straight years. I thought it might be lovely to take a train ride somewhere, then I heard a cruise to Japan or Korea might be good. In most cases, whatever we do, the girls would be at least half price or even free, so I’m looking into it. We might just stay around here, do the zoo, museums and all of that, I don’t know. The girls don’t even care about traveling. And there’s always Disneyland when it opens.

Rumi’s getting so tall, I had to buy her her own metro card. She is just growing by leaps and bounds. Poor Raine’s notches on the door frame barely move. She doesn’t seem to mind too much though. Yesterday, it appeared that Rumi outgrew a really cute sweater, and I told her, that would be last time she could wear it. Raine made a fist and said, “YES!” She knows it’s hers now.

I got found by a head-hunter. This happens all the time, but honestly, I make more with what I am doing and I am very happy where I am, so I am not looking to change my job. However, this head-hunter wanted me to tutor an hour and a half a week for about $85. I couldn’t turn it down. So every Saturday morning, before work, I have four 8 year-olds come over and I plan our language classes which conveniently coincide with my homeschooling lessons at the same level. After I leave for work, all the kids (mine included) play in the park together. It’s a complete win/win.

Last week, it was in the high eighties, so we put away our sweaters and winter things, and got out our summer dresses and sandals. About two days later, it was back in the 50’s. Now we’re back to scarves and wool socks. I guess it’s not that different from Cleveland –except no snow.

It was a lovely Easter, just the same. Followed by two fun trips downtown. The girls have been working hard to make money to spend in Toys R Us, and I got to have fajitas and bread pudding. I have to admit though. One thing we are all grateful for, and even Raine consistently thanks God for, is that I am such a good cook. I am not trying to sound egotistical, but really, I make some amazing meals on the weekends, and that’s just the truth. In Thailand, I was a good cook, but I did feel a little deprived of some things, and I only had a small menu that I could work around. Here, I really don’t feel that deprivation, in fact, I feel privileged. We had Bagels and lox with onions, capers and cream cheese twice, just because I had a taste for it. I made loaded baked potato soup with sour dough bread. Every “Sunday” I do the British thing and make roasted chicken with vegetables. From tuna noodle casserole to tomato soup with toasted cheese, I have gotten over the feeling of “I may not have this again for a long while,” or “what a special treat to have this ‘normal’ food.”

Ok, well, I will wrap this up. I’ve been having a bit of trouble sleeping and I’m trying to make myself go to bed a bit early tonight.


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