Life in a Nutshell

I have not updated in forever –since before Christmas, and I’m sorry about that. I have no real excuse at all. I even had 10 days off for Chinese New Year, and I didn’t write anything then.

I don’t think it would be beneficial to go all the way back to Christmas. The girls said we had the best Christmas ever, and I think I will leave it at that.

In this time, my beloved co-worker John left and I now work with Canadian Stephen. It’s interesting because he’s from Ontario and for the first time, I am working with someone with the exact same accent as me. He even says, “pop.”

Also, nanny #9 left Shanghai to go to her hometown, and now I have nanny #10. I have to retrain another one on how to wash the dishes and do the laundry. It seems strange when you have to be so specific like, “Please wash all sides of the dishes with hot water and soap.” Because, yes, it needs to be explained. She does come early to make me breakfast and give me a 15 minute shoulder and neck massage, so I’m not complaining.

I had a plan to have Rumi have surgery on her leg during Chinese New years, while I had 10 days off, but it became a crazy hassle. I took her to Pudong Children’s hospital which I am told is the best in China, but they diagnosed her with a club foot. I am sure that is not accurate. People are born with a club foot, and she developed hers over the past year. I talked to an American nurse who is a friend of a friend, and she’s going to check some things for me. She doesn’t believe it is a clubbed foot either. It really doesn’t fit the criteria, and childrens’ tendons are this nurses specialty. What my tentative plan is, to go back to America next summer and have it taken care of there.

In the meantime, Rumi had a fabulous birthday. We made her favorite foods, including peiroghis. We had friends from New Zealand, Sudan, and South America. Our friends from New Zealand also had two birthday parties during this week, so that was fun. We also found a new jungle gym/obstacle ropes course place that just opened. They gave the girls 5 free passes if they could use pictures of them for publicity.

Raine finally bought a bike with her New Years money from last year. I’ve been letting them go free-range in our complex, so they ride their bikes to the different parks and play areas. Rumi takes her phone and calls about every 10 minutes to tell me how it’s going.

Homeschooling is going very well. Rumi received the set of Little House on the Prairie books from one of my friends, and has begun reading the first one. I am so impressed with her level. In science and history we are way ahead of grade level, and math is exactly at level.

Except for John leaving, my job is also going very well. I have had special classes once a month. My two favorites were “Performance Poetry,” and St. Patrick’s “Irish Party.” We even had Guinness and Irish music. I taught a simple jig. It was really so much fun.

So that is about it in a nutshell.


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