That November Feeling…

My new nanny needs the week of Thanksgiving off, and I can’t get a substitute, so guess what? I get the week of Thanksgiving off. I guess it makes up for having to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas –NOT! We will be having our Christmas about 2 days earlier than everyone else. I don’t mind that much. I’d rather be earlier than later.

We went walking around the mall a few days ago and Rumi wanted to go into a shop that had just gotten a My Little Pony Castle. Seeing these kinds of things are pretty rare, so she wanted to check on it. “Mommy! The Castle is gone! I bet some girl is so happy right now!” (Or they will be, about 3 days before Christmas ;-))

The girls will have a sleep-over that week, and I will have Christmas prepping time! Then we will have a Thanksgiving dinner with our friends. It will be our second of three possibles. After convincing my co-workers that Thanksgiving must be about comfort food and their lack of understanding as to why pizza isn’t comfort food, the traditional feast will go as planned at work. The only problem this time is that last time there were 12 foreign teachers pitching in and making side dishes, this time I have 2 Chinese tutors attempting to make fail-safe sweet potatoes and glazed carrots, and the rest is up to me. British John’s only understanding of Thanksgiving is what they call, “Thank America” day in London, where everyone eats hamburgers, drinks cold American beer, and watches American football for the day. Never heard of this tradition before, but it sounds like fun.

I had to give a training to our receptionists last week, and most of it was answering cultural questions. “Do Americans kiss on the first date?” “How much do receptionists make in the US?” And “Are all fathers like David Beckham?” Didn’t get that one at all, but then they explained that he does 50% of the parenting and he’s very hands-on. That made more sense. Meanwhile, I’m taking weekly Chinese classes, and what’s so surprising to me is that reading is easier than speaking. Another little known fact, they don’t have dyslexia in Chinese because the characters are pictorial, not letters.

Winter is starting to show itself, but I haven’t put on my winter coat yet. I have gotten some wool socks, and some Heattech clothes for all of us at Uniqlo. We’ve been pretty toasty. We also bought gloves, and Raine’s are like puppies who she named “Bob” and “Kiwi.” They had an argument the whole way home. Apparently, they don’t get along. This winter is already so much better than last winter. Last year, our apartment was dark and cold, I had no money to buy warm socks, and extra things like that, and it was just a different world. What a difference a year of perseverance and struggle has eventually provided.

I still have a list of important things to do, like figuring out how to get more thyroid medicine, since I ran out, finding some good materials to teach Raine, or maybe take some classes to learn how, scheduling Rumi’s surgery which will most likely be the second week of February because I can have almost 2 weeks off then. But somehow it seems more manageable, and allows for me to have a down day like today. A day where I haven’t gotten out of my pajamas and even took a mid-day nap. I never understood the importance of downtime until recently. I’m going to be awfully thankful this Thanksgiving!


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