I am very sorry.

I owe a HUGE apology to my closest friends and my mother. I have been feeling so guilty lately, because I really just haven’t been as connecting or connected as I used to be. My computer at work only works for work. I have no e-mail access and I can’t put my VPN on the computer, so no Facebook, WordPress, or any social network. I do have the Chinese equivalent to Youtube, and have caught up on all seven new episodes of Downton Abbey. This season is so good! That’s all I’m saying.

At home, I really only use my computer on weekends. We watch a movie, and we go to bed on weekdays. I used to at least try to watch the news, but I don’t even do that anymore. On weekends, we do try to do fun things. Every other weekend the girls have a play-date with their friends in our old neighborhood, or else we take a day trip or something. That leaves one downtime day to catch up on e-mails and Facebook and everything, and that is around taking the girls outside, and cooking at least two meals. I have truly sucked as a friend lately.

I don’t have insomnia anymore. That’s the good thing. I go straight to bed after the movie. I think my thyroid is straightening out. I haven’t had a migraine in about two months, and my stomach aches seem to have gone away too. Raine’s had the sniffles for the past couple of days, but we’ve all been in pretty good health this fall, which makes for a lot of outdoor time in temperate weather. My friend in Beijing just found real roller skates, and she’s bringing me a pair next week! Now the girls and I can skate together!

Our new nanny is really very good. She needs to be told a lot, and trained all over again, but she is not lazy and she is always willing to learn, do better, and spend extra time. This morning, as I was getting my coffee ready for work, she said some things in Chinese and Rumi answered her perfectly, and I had no idea what either one said. So I asked Rumi. “Ayi (Auntie) just wanted to know if I want chicken right now, and I told her I’m not hungry yet.” I looked at her and my jaw dropped. “How did you know?” I asked her. She just shrugged her shoulders. This is another great thing about this nanny. The last one wouldn’t talk because we didn’t know Chinese; this one talks a lot and the girls just pick it up.
I had my first Chinese lesson last week. It was a good lesson, but I keep thinking in Thai. I learned how to say, “I want Chicken curry.” And since I eat that practically every day, it’s helpful, though the girls at the curry restaurant know me so well, I don’t really have to ask. I’m not sure if I have room in my brain for a fourth language though. For some reason, it seems harder.

The girls and I have been reading a lot. Last night, Rumi just finished The Story of Chocolate, Raine read a book about Tinkerbelle, and I am reading Great American Autobiographies, that I picked up in that awesome store in Thames town.

I think I’m just curling up for the winter. Staying to myself, and I feel really bad about it, but I think it would be the same if I were in the U.S. I have a comfortable home, and I can finally breathe a bit, and I probably need new glasses, which is why I don’t like sitting in front of a computer much longer than I have to.


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