Learning moments..Part 2…

We had our de-briefing about the Halloween debacle. We were asked if there were any positive aspects. I know my supervisor’s supervisor was there, but I couldn’t think of a single thing. I was better than John who quickly and emphatically said, “No!” I really did try to think of something. We wrapped it up saying it was a learning experience, and next time we will know better.

The next big monthly project is Thanksgiving, which is mine, because I am the only American. My Chinese assistant and I had a meeting about it yesterday. I did this project before last year, so I was pretty sure about what to do, and I already had a lot of things prepared. My assistant says, “So here’s what I was thinking: Pizza, potato chips, wings, and a food eating contest.” I waited for her to laugh. She had to be kidding, right? Yeah, no. Apparently, we have learned NOTHING!

Rumi and Raine have been going through something, and I’m not quite sure what it is. First, they miss me all the time. When I’m home, they may be off playing by themselves for hours, but when I’m at work, they’re calling me. They want to cuddle, they miss me, when am I coming home? It’s not the nanny. She’s great and they like her a lot. It’s not a lack of things to do, though it may be a lack of a set schedule.

Yesterday, Rumi was in some sort of meltdown and called me, and finally said she wished she could be Raine, because Raine’s life was better than hers. I tried to figure this out. Was it because Raine’s school work is so much easier? That’s the only difference I could see. Rumi finally said, “She’s always happy and nothing really bothers her. I wish I could be like that.” This is true. Raine is so carefree, and Rumi is so sensitive. I told her it was a choice (to an extent), and that she could chose to be that way too. We’ll see if this helps.

The girls went on their play date downtown a few days ago, and my friend Jodie told me about a bakery I should try. I had a doughnut and coffee. I’ve been doughnutless for a really long time. But they also had bagels, and I brought 3 home for our breakfast the next day. OMG! They were good! For the first time in many years – I ate a bagel. I can’t believe I could do it. To be fair, it took a lot of butter, but it was so, so good! I really can’t believe how much my eating is expanding. There aren’t that many things I can’t eat now. I still think Granny Smith apples and Nutella top my list though.

It’s very late, but it’s starting to get a bit chilly. I wore a sweater yesterday. Our windows are still open, especially when we sleep, but I’ve put away the sandals, and gotten out the socks. Jodie reminded me that last year we were wearing our winter coats by now, so I guess this is a bit of an Indian summer.


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