The Nanny Saga

I told a few people that I have been looking for a new nanny. My realtor, Jack, found one the next day. It was weird how fast he found one. He showed up at my door at 10am, and I had just gotten out of the shower. The girls were still in bed, and I was in a towel.

“I found you a nanny.” He said. “Do you want to come to my office and meet her?”

“I’m in a towel, and the girls are sleeping.”

“I’ll call her here.” He said, and sat down on my couch.

She was an older woman, a few years older than me. Very sweet. The girls liked her right away. She reminded me of our “Mary Poppins” nanny. Then Jack started negotiating everything. She wants to start this afternoon. And I’m thinking –This is going to be a big problem. Maybe this nanny will go crazy like our last nanny. I don’t want to deal with the police again. And, I can’t pay her two weeks salary. And she did tell me to find a substitute weeks ago.

During this past week, she had smacked Raine, not once, but twice. Neither Raine nor Rumi have any idea why. The first time was at the playground in front of everyone. The best we can come up with is that she doesn’t like when they play with boys. But, even after I told her never again, Rumi called me a few days later. It happened again.

The thing is, Rumi is crazy honest. She will tell me every single thing they say and do in great detail – even if she or Raine did something wrong or bad. Raine will usually say, “I don’t want to talk about it.” But Rumi will spill everything. Neither of them have any idea why, and all the nanny said was, “She was being naughty.”

Either way, it’s not her place, of course, and add that to how horribly lazy she is. When all these people arrived that morning, it didn’t look like we had a housekeeper. And it drives Rumi and her OC/D crazy. She and I are a bit of organizational freaks, and this nanny would put things just anywhere. My bottle scrub brush was in with the utensils, scissors and glue in the fruit bowl, her rubber gloves for washing on the girls Barbies, her purse on my Basil plant –which broke. The pillows were never right on the couch, the TV remote was lost for a week. She was a good cook, but that’s all she had going for her.
Anyway, they called her and she came to the house right away, mad and upset. I found this odd, since she told me to find a replacement. After smacking Raine the second time, I was in a rush.

Everything got negotiated, even though she actually begged me to stay. I signed the new contract with the new nanny, and then she asked when could she move in. I was speechless. I never expected a live-in nanny and I wasn’t prepared for one. As soon as the girls heard, they started emptying the toys from their room and making the bed. They obviously thought it was a great idea. She hasn’t moved in yet, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but I do like her. She’s a good cook, not lazy, and very caring. I hope #8 is a charm.

She tells all her friends that she is the nanny for two adorable foreign children, and they are all jealous. That’s what she told my co-worker. They checked her out for me, and they like her too.
I have to go through all of the training stuff again, but she actively wants to learn. She even wants to make my coffee. I told her that she doesn’t have to do everything.

In the Chinese way, she tried to spoon-feed the girls. They weren’t having it. I had to explain that they serve themselves, eat themselves, bathe themselves, and dress themselves. This is a HUGE cultural difference. A Chinese nine year-old will still get his face wiped by his mother. And parents follow their kids around with spoons of food and feed them while they are playing and doing other things. My girls put their dirty clothes in the hamper, and dirty dishes in the sink. The new nanny was shocked.

Other random notes to follow soon.


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