A bit of an upheaval

There have been some clear changes of events that have left me in a bit of a panic.  Kristina got transferred to a different position on the complete other side of town with different hours and the subway doesn’t run that late, which is causing a lot of problems and costing a lot money, so she decided to move in walking distance to there.  I can’t afford the rent here by myself, so at first I started looking for another roommate.  I had about 7 replies, but no one wants to live with kids.  I may have found someone who would live with kids but she can’t move for 2 months.

So then I started to think that maybe I should find our own place without a roommate.  I looked at a couple and they were HORRIBLE!  Picture this:  Two bedrooms –and nothing else!  It’s the weirdest thing.  One bedroom had some kitchen stuff in it like a fridge and microwave, and the other had a comfy chair TV and desk.  I have never seen anything like it.

Previous to this, Rumi had this big meltdown and I couldn’t even help her because I couldn’t figure what was wrong.  She said, “I needed to be alone and there’s no place I can be alone.”  Right now, the three of us share a bedroom, so I completely understand.  I gave her a corner in the house and told everyone that if she is sitting there, no one can disturb her, she needs to be alone.   Temporary band-aid, but helpful.

I have had my own issue with noise.  I know I mentioned it a little bit, but you see here, instead of using their breaks, they use their horns.  Right turn on red to them is dominant.  No matter what the light says or what is happening, ANY vehicle can turn right on red without slowing down.  They just lay on the horn to get everyone out of the way.  Bus horns are the worst, and we live on a corner.  Down in our courtyard, it’s barely noticeable because of all the trees and buildings, but up here on the 25th floor, it’s never quiet.  It didn’t bother me for a long time until that construction.  And then I watched a TED talk called “How living healthy nearly killed me.”  He learned two things.  It’s important to live a quieter life.  And it’s important to have joy.

So I was walking away from looking at this horrible apartment wondering what I was going to do. And this other realtor on the street asked if I might be looking for a place.  I said I was, but I wasn’t sure, and we shared contact info.  She e-mailed me that night with a place, but I was reluctant to go.  I was just so disappointed.  The girls wouldn’t wake up.  I kept putting it off.  Then we finally went.  It was just across the street where my friend Jane lives with her husband Kevin and little son Bill.  This is an all Chinese area.  It’s a bit older and VERY ethnic.  The building was old and no elevator, and the apartment was on the fourth floor, but when we walked down the street the thing that amazed me was I could hear birds chirping.  The road had trees on one side and buildings on the other.  There was a father playing badminton with his daughter and you could hear the birdie.  There were three old men sitting in folding chairs on the corner shooting the breeze.

We walked up and went inside and practically danced around every room.  It was beautiful.  The kitchen was way smaller than any one I have ever had –ever—but there was one.  There was a dining table.  And these two HUGE bedrooms.  The girls would have the big one and it could hold all of their toys, all of our home school stuff, and of course two beds with room for gymnastics.  Mine was just fine, and if we add a little sofa it could be a nice movie room too.  I am already getting a desk for my computer.  The closets were big enough to hold all of our summer and winter clothes, luggage, everything.   There is no actual living room, but we never spend time in our living room, so I am not sure we would miss that.  The bedrooms were each bigger than our living room now.

It’s a little more than I wanted to spend, but this month, because my probation is over, I am getting a raise that exactly covers it.  I was hoping to have more than enough, but I always end up like Seinfeld, “even Steven.”  Every single thing in the apartment is brand new.  The toilet, shower, A/C, washing machine, fridge etc, have never been used.  There was still plastic on them.  There is no bathtub, so I will miss that.

The girls were ecstatic and just wanted to move today.  My nanny said it’s too expensive, and that I should wait until Jane gets home from Europe to ask her.  Also, she likes our courtyard, play area, gate and card entry, which this won’t have.  I haven’t put a deposit down yet, but having our own space, and having quiet would just make me so happy, even with the four flights of stairs in an old building.  I want to look at it tomorrow at night, to see how the area feels then.  But knowing Jane is right around the corner is great.  The walk to work and everything else would be practically the same.  It’s just diagonally across the street from where we live now.

Anyway, this has been consuming the relaxing and fun vacation I had planned for the girls.  We were going to have a “girls only fun camp” but we haven’t even done a quarter of what I had planned this whole time.  I have to work on Saturday and Sunday, but the rest of my days are free until Wednesday.  Rumi has learned to tie her shoes –today, and Raine is still taking Rosy (the koala) everywhere.

Every other aspect of everything has been better than great.  I love my job so much it’s crazy!  I love all of the people I work with.  I talked with one of my trainers and he gave me two ideas.  One, our company does a lot of corporate training, and I can do that for them for more than twice what I make an hour, but on a very limited basis, because I still have to be full-time in the center, so it’s just extra.  Also, he suggested that when I home school, I advertise supplementary English classes with American students.  He said parents would pay at least $50 an hour for that opportunity.  I wouldn’t have to leave my house or anything.

Homeschooling has gone amazing this year so far.  We are so far ahead, I have to slow down.  Also, I have had some extra prep time at work and I have been able to really work on my writing.  I write every day now for at least a couple of hours.  I am not as close to finished as I thought, but if I keep it up, I will be soon.

The weather is still in the low 80’s, but I tend to wear pants and jackets already.  After that heat wave, it feels chilly.  I have watched The Big Bang Theory, and will probably watch NCIS and NCIS LA tonight, but I haven’t found a way to see Downton Abbey –so don’t tell me about it.


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