A Series of Unfortunate Events

Ok, so…worst day-off in a long, long time. We ended last night finding out that we have an incredible TV in our bedroom, and watched “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.” We had never turned this TV on before, and I don’t like having a TV in the bedroom, but it had the best picture, resolution and all of that of ANY TV I have ever owned, and it was still in the plastic. Anyway, little did I know, that the next day (today) would be my own series of unfortunate events.

I slept in until 7:30, and at 7:55 –construction started on the apartment directly 4 floors below ours. Jack hammers, drills and all kinds of power tools. I went downstairs to complain, and they told me 8am was ok.

I made a good breakfast of bread and country gravy, went to get my iced coffee ready so that I could swallow it, opened a brand-new carton of milk that had expired. So then I told the girls I had to run down to Family Mart to get another carton. Didn’t change, didn’t do anything, ran to the Family Mart –it was completely demolished. Gone. No sign, no window, nothing. It was there yesterday. We pass it every day. There are Family Marts on every corner, so I went to another one –seriously, no milk. I asked them why no milk, and they just said they were out. I find one of those little lunchroom cartons, get back, breakfast is cold.

I found that the noisy, busy street outside, is still better than the noise inside, so we go outside to play. They were worn out, but taking a nap would be impossible, so we ended up watching a movie (very loudly). I can’t explain how annoying and frustrating the noise was, but I finally lost it and started screaming. The noise stopped. For about 10 minutes. I started dinner. It started again. We went outside again. It was 5 o’clock when they stopped. I finished making dinner –which was O-M-G-Delicious! All I did was take zucchini, eggplant, purple onions, mushrooms, corn, grape tomatoes, broccoli and pork, and sauté it with some olive oil, garlic, salt and Italian herbs. We ate it over some pasta with Parmesan cheese . The girls couldn’t get enough. If nothing else, I can cook really well. Thank God for that.

And now it’s bath time. There were several other things that happened that I’m not going to report, but really, I should just crawl back into bed and try again. I was talking to a neighbor and he said this construction could go on for months. Not what I wanted to hear.

On Sunday night, my office all went out for Korean BBQ (for the Chinese holiday –on their bill). It was ok, all you can eat, kind of fun. The girls loved it. I had never barbequed anything, and I did really well. My friend Melissa from Australia said I did really well, so that was cool.

Actually, Sunday was probably my best day at work ever, so maybe that’s why things were balancing out. It was a work day for a lot people to make up for the holidays, so hardly anyone was there, and I only had one class. I sat and wrote for almost 5 hours –that was SO good for me!

On the cancer recovery front, I have been forgetting some updates. I can chew gum now. This is really important because when I walk to work I am not so dry. Actually, it’s amazing how helpful that is, especially since I have been out of mouthwash for a few weeks and there doesn’t seem to be any in the whole country. Apparently there is no dry mouth here in China at all. I had two pieces of chocolate over the past couple of weeks, but I had a piece today –terrible. The neck twitching thing is crazy. I have to put my hand there so no one notices. I have realized that my neck is just still so weak, and almost everything else, including migraines stem from there.

The girls have been making a lot of new friends. Some that don’t speak English at all, most that are a bit younger, since the kids their age sit at home doing homework until they go to bed. Raine rode a bike for the first time yesterday. She was so proud and happy. Rumi spends all of her time saying “hi” to strangers in order to make new friends, and writing stories about cats, dogs and My Little Ponies. And so, there we are at the moment.


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