I think we’re on month three…

21 July 2013 at 10:28

It’s been a bit of an interesting week for the girls and a messed up week for me.  The girls had a sleep-over with their friends last Monday, and then on Tuesday we were supposed to go to the art museum, but I felt horrible.  So we just chilled.  Wednesday, I still felt bad and I stayed home sick.  Our Aiyee (nanny) took great care of me.  I went to work on Thursday, but still felt under the weather.  Not sure what was wrong, but it had to do with some body aches that caused a stiff neck and crazy bad headache.   By Friday, I felt better, but on the way to work, stepped on an oil spill and bruised the entire right side of my body.  Also, got the same hand bad that I did when I took a header in the bathroom the day before.  (And I think Raine needs to work on coordination…hmm).

But for the girls, they have had the best week.  They have started dance classes, which they LOVE!  There were no ballet classes around, but they are taking Chinese classical dance for now.  I guess the instructor said that she might start a ballet class just for them because they take it so seriously.  She was afraid they were too young, but they aren’t and Rumi is the tallest.  They got their first ballet shoes which excited them like crazy!  I really had to find some outlet for Raine, because she needs focus and like I said, she needs help with coordination and body space awareness, but she really has a talent for dance, so I thought that might work.

They have also been swimming weekly with my friend Jane and her husband Kevin, while I’m at work.  And we have all just made so many friends it’s amazing.  They are only here on weekends, and they have a two year old son named Bill who calls Rumi and Raine his sisters.  There is a little boy named “Happy” on the 10th floor who just loves the girls too.  His dad owns a Brazilian shoe factory here.  Apparently he’s studied (the first) Rumi and even written books about him, and couldn’t believe that was really who I named her after.  Savannah’s on the 29th floor, and the Clarks are in building 2.  We have a lot of great neighbors.

The best news is my Aiyee (nanny, Karen) has been showing me the art of internet shopping.  She gets our groceries delivered to the house for half the cost it is for me to go shopping and lug stuff home!  Not only that, Kristina and I got yoga mats, so that been a great addition to our evenings.  And (drum roll please…) I have a beautiful new 10cm mattress that just arrived.  I am afraid that if I lie down now, I won’t get up…maybe forever.  It is pure heaven!  In Thailand, I couldn’t even afford a 2cm mattress pad.  This is serious heaven!

In my news about the scones, the single men at work (basically everyone) have offered that if I cook dinner for them once or twice a week they will pay me about $10 each, each time.  That will pay for dance classes, and make me happy to cook for people.  In the meantime, the lunches my aiyee makes for me, makes everyone jealous.

The weather’s been in the high 90’s for a couple of weeks now.  We’ve also had typhoons which I actually like because it’s just a big wind storm and when it’s this hot it’s kind of nice.  I heard summer is only about a month, and then spring and fall are really long, so I’m kind of looking forward to autumn. Everything is starting to finally settle in nicely.


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